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Sump Pump Repair Services in Kent, WA, & the Surrounding Areas

Pike Plumbing & Sewer is a trusted full-scale plumbing company serving residential and smaller commercial properties, like gyms and managed properties, in Kent, WA, and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of a properly functioning sump pump in safeguarding your property against water damage. With our team of sump pump specialists and experienced sump pump plumbers, we are dedicated to keeping your property protected and dry.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a crucial component of your property’s waterproofing system, typically found in basements or crawl spaces. Its primary function is to remove excess water that collects in a designated sump pit, preventing flooding and water damage. When water levels rise, the sump pump activates, pumping water out and away from your property.

Common Issues with Sump Pumps

  • Failure to Activate: A sump pump may fail to activate due to a malfunctioning float switch or electrical issues. This can leave your property vulnerable to water damage during heavy rainfall or when water levels rise.
  • Insufficient Pumping Capacity: Over time, sump pumps may become less efficient in pumping water due to clogs, debris buildup, or motor wear. This can result in inadequate water removal, increasing the risk of flooding.
  • Continuous Running: If your sump pump runs continuously, it could be a sign of a malfunctioning float switch, which is responsible for turning the pump on and off as needed.
  • Noisy Operation: Unusual sounds, such as grinding, rattling, or excessive vibration, can indicate mechanical issues within the sump pump that require immediate attention.

Sump Pump Repair Services

At Pike Plumbing & Sewer, our sump pump specialists and skilled plumbers are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of sump pump issues. Our comprehensive sump pump repair services include the following:

  • Sump Pump Inspection: Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your sump pump system, identifying any underlying problems and offering effective repair solutions.
  • Sump Pump Float Replacement: If the float switch is malfunctioning, our experts will replace it to ensure the proper activation and deactivation of your sump pump.
  • Sump Pump Switch Replacement: A faulty switch can cause your sump pump to run continuously or fail to activate. We can replace the switch, restoring optimal functionality.
  • Sump Pump Motor Repair: If your sump pump motor is experiencing issues, our skilled plumbers will assess the problem and perform necessary repairs to ensure proper water removal.

Sump Pump Replacement and Installation

In some cases, sump pump repair may not be sufficient, especially if the unit is old, damaged beyond repair, or unable to meet the demands of your property. Our sump pump installers can assist you with sump pump replacement and installation services. We will help you choose a reliable and efficient sump pump system that suits your property’s needs and provide professional installation to ensure proper operation.

Contact Pike Plumbing & Sewer for Sump Pump Repair Services

Don’t wait until water damage occurs to address your sump pump issues. Contact Pike Plumbing & Sewer today for expert sump pump repair services. Our team of sump pump specialists and experienced sump pump plumbers will promptly assess, repair, or replace your sump pump, providing you with peace of mind and reliable protection against water damage. Call us now to schedule a consultation and safeguard your property.

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