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Protect Your Pipes With Our Sewer Line Services

Do you think your home has a damaged main sewer line? Even a slight inclination of trouble is worth investigating; otherwise, you could be stuck with serious plumbing problems in the near future. But who can you trust for your sewer line repair or new sewer line installation services? Plenty of plumbers are out there, but not many compare to the experts at Pike Plumbing & Sewer.

As part of our collection of plumbing services, we offer sewer system repairs for homeowners and businesses struggling with toxic smells, wet yards, and poor-functioning drains. We’ll use state-of-the-art tools to take a deep dive into your system to determine the root cause of your clogged pipes or investigate a potentially broken sewer line. We also offer comprehensive sewer system replacement services, using expert techniques to dive into the heart of your main sewer line, isolate an issue, and replace the damaged piping.

Don’t wait much longer! Sewer repairs and sewer line replacements for your Kent, WA, and Puget Sound area property are just one call away, so trust in the team at Pike Plumbing! Contact us today, or ask us about the rest of our services, including home re-piping, water heater services, and more!

Sewer Line Inspections

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or business owner, a sewer line inspection is the most critical maintenance job you can perform for your property. If the pipes become clogged, blocked, or damaged, your property can be at risk of severe consequences. But sewer line inspections can detect a clogged sewer line and help you know when to proceed with a sewer line repair.

When was the last time you got a sewer line inspection? You never know what could be happening down there, and you’re only one call away from a clear view! So get the peace of mind you deserve with a sewer line inspection from Pike Plumbing, and let our sewer repairs for Kent, WA, and King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties restore your system today!

Sewer Line Cleanout

Sewer line cleanouts are a necessary part of the upkeep of your plumbing system. Scheduling regular sewer line cleanouts keep your pipes in optimal condition and prevents future blockages, backups, and clogged sewer lines.

System maintenance is something the team at Pike Plumbing preaches because it significantly affects the lifespan of all your appliances. Maintenance can be the difference between a system lasting two decades and one that starts to show wear and tear before your child even graduates high school.           

Contacting a professional plumber for help with scheduling regular sewer line cleanout services is the best way to keep your system protected, but don’t just trust any plumber. Instead, lean on the expertise of our specialists for sewer repairs and replacements for your Kent, WAGranite Falls WA, and surrounding areas.

Think You Might Have Damaged Sewer Lines? Here Are Some Telltale Signs You Might Need Sewer System Repair

One of the most challenging parts about determining the problems with your sewer systems is that it can be tough to get a good look at what’s really going on. But pipe bursting or clogged sewer lines don’t usually occur without some signs. There are a few things you can pay close attention to give you a better idea of when it might be time to reach out to your local plumbers for sewer repairs in and around Kent, WA.

Some of the biggest causes of sewer line issues give off fairly obvious hints as to the condition of your plumbing systems before you notice any signs of trouble. They include:

  • Corrosive soils
  • Cracks
  • Shifting of the earth
  • Age-related erosion or wear
  • Tree roots
  • Septic tank issues

When plumbing systems are damaged, they often have ramifications that impact many other appliances around the home. This especially rings true for your sewer line, as you’ll notice your everyday routine is affected by some of these significant changes.

  • A strong smell of sewer gas
  • Multiple clogged drains
  • Slow drains around the home
  • Wet spots in your yard or near your facility

Sewer Replacement Services

Replacing a sewer line may seem daunting, but not with Pike Plumbing. We take pride in performing quality sewer line replacements for Kent, WA, and residents around the greater Seattle region using trenchless sewer line methods and pipe bursting to reduce the damage from the job. In addition, our contractors are all certified and trained for every job, something you’ll notice from the minute we step foot on your property. If you’re looking for premium sewer replacement services, Pike Plumbing is the place to call!

Unclogging a Sewer Line

Instead of digging long trenches in your yard and replacing sewer pipe sections, trenchless repairs use modern technology such as hydro jetting, epoxy liners, or cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to repair the existing pipe lining from inside without disrupting your landscaping or the structures above ground. As a result, it allows for faster completion times and lower costs associated with traditional excavation methods.

When unclogging a sewer line or a water line replacement is on your agenda, Pike Plumbing is your team to call! Contact us today and schedule sewer line repair or replacement for your Kent, WA, and surrounding area residents, and learn how hydro jetting and trenchless repairs work for you.

What to Expect During Sewer Pipe Replacements

Sewer lines extend all over your property, so for our team to perform proper sewer pipe replacement services, we’ll have to dig deep within your property.

Surely, you can imagine the mess that will make.

But sewer line replacements for your Kent, WA, and Puget Sound property don’t always involve the most damaging and invasive methods. Instead, you can expect pipe bursting or pipe lining services that make use of the pipe you have that’s in good condition. Pipelining is much less invasive than traditional methods and significantly reduces the sewer line replacement cost.

Homeowners and businesses eligible for a pipe lining for their sewer pipes will undoubtedly appreciate this method, but traditional trenchless sewer replacement is often needed for sewer pipes in poor condition. Regardless, we’ll help to align your sewer line with the proper service.

Time for a New Sewer or Water Line? Here Are Some of the Top Signs

The biggest complaint we get from many homeowners is that it’s tough to know when it’s time for a sewer replacement. After all, many factors play a role in determining the need for sewer repairs vs. sewer line damage that’s worth a replacement.

So while you should always turn to the pros for a sewer drain replacement, you can heed a few of these signs to give you a clue as to when it might be time to get a sewer line problem checked out.

  • Sudden Emergence of Sewage Odors – If you’ve recently noticed an unpleasant smell near your home, this could mean that significant trouble is brewing beneath the surface.
  • Slow Drains – If you notice water draining slowly from your sinks or bathtub, this could also indicate a blockage or clog in the pipe leading from your house to the sewage system. Over time, these clogs can cause major problems as more gunk gets stuck within your pipes, necessitating sewer line replacements for your Kent, WA, and surrounding area property.
  • Wet Spots on Lawns and Driveways – Unexpected wet patches near buildings or in your yard may indicate something amiss with the sewer line. Check around your property for any suspicious damp areas.
  • Cracked Foundation Walls – When pressure builds up from obstructions like tree roots in pipes leading away from your home’s foundation walls, those very walls can succumb to cracks.
  • Gurgling Noises Coming From Toilets/Drains – Is your toilet or drain making gurgling sounds? This could be a sign of an issue with your sewer line.

Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line With Help From Pike Plumbing & Sewer

If you’ve got to repair or replace a sewer line, you have an idea of just how frustrating it can be. But at Pike Plumbing & Sewer, our job is to make your life easier and stress-free and leave a smile on your face with our premium line of sewer line repairs and replacements in Kent, WA, and for surrounding area residents.

Plumbing problems aren’t something you can avoid. But what you CAN do is trust your sewer line services in the hands of quality contractors. So turn to Pike Plumbing & Sewer today and get immediate sewer drain repair or replacement! We’ll be there the minute you need us, and our team will diagnose current and future issues to keep you updated on the condition of your broken sewer line.

Contact us today and schedule your sewer pipe repair, replacement, or sewer line installation service today! Or take a look at our additional services and how our plumbers can help to maintain the rest of your home.

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