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Drain Cleaning, Repair, & Replacement

Drain cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance and upkeep. Not cleaning your drains can quickly lead to clogs, blockages, or even more serious problems like flooding and water damage. It is important that you stay on top of your drain cleaning needs to prevent costly repairs. Pike Plumbing & Sewer, offers professional drain cleaning services in Kent, WA. We have the experience and expertise to keep your drains clean and free of clogs or blockages.

Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and technology to diagnose and solve your drainage problems. We have a full range of drain cleaning solutions, including hydro jetting, snaking, and rooter services. Whether you need help with a slow-moving drain or an entire home’s drainage system replacement, look no further than Pike Plumbing & Sewer. Call us today at (206) 586-3555 for a free quote and estimate.

Video camera inspection

This is a great way to determine the cause of a clog and access hard-to-reach places. Our technicians have years of experience using video camera inspection to locate and inspect drains. This gives us an upfront perspective on what’s blocking your pipes. We can then decide how best to proceed with unclogging.

At Pike Plumbing & Sewer, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality services at an affordable price. We strive to provide lasting solutions so you don’t have to worry about future clogs. Contact us today at (206) 586-3555 for video and camera inspection in Kent, WA.

Hydro jetting

Dealing with stubborn, clogged drains can be especially frustrating. If your home or business is dealing with sluggish and smelly drains, you may want to consider hydro jetting in Kent, WA. Hydro jetting uses pressurized water to blast away hardened build-up inside your pipes, giving them a thorough and deep clean.

Hydro jetting is considered one of the most effective methods of drain cleaning. It’s also incredibly safe when done correctly by a certified professional plumber in Kent, WA. At Pike Plumbing & Sewer, we have the experience and skill necessary to unclog even the most serious of drain blockages.

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Shower Floor Drain Installation

Sewage backup and wastewater repair

Sometimes, a clog can cause more than just slow-draining pipes. Sewage backups can happen if a clog is in the main line, and it’s important to address this issue ASAP. At Pike Plumbing & Sewer, we provide professional sewage backup and wastewater repair services. We will identify the source of the blockage, clear away any debris, and ensure your pipes are working properly. Don’t wait until you have a major plumbing emergency. Contact us today at (206) 586-3555 for drain cleaning in Kent, WA.

Expert Drain plumbing company in Kent, WA

Drain cleaning is not one of the DIY tasks that you should take on without the help of a professional. If your drains are slow, clogged, or gurgling, it’s time to call in the experts at Pike Plumbing & Sewer. With years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of plumbing services, we are the perfect team for the job. Call us today at (206) 586-3555 for quality and professional drain cleaning services in Kent, WA.

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