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Partner With High-Quality Repiping Services in the Greater Seattle Area

Is your water pressure leaving you a bit dissatisfied? Are you starting to notice serious problems with the water going into and coming out of your home? It might be time for a whole home repipe. It might be time for Pike Plumbing.

Our high-quality repiping services in Kent, WA, and the surrounding Puget Sound region provide Greater Seattle region residents with peace of mind, cost savings, and so much more. Our waste and water repiping takes existing damaged, corroded, or old pipes and installs durable PEX piping that provides the best results. You can’t go wrong working with our team, and our repiping specialists will show you exactly why! Contact us today to schedule your piping services, or get a hold of additional offerings like our kitchen and bath plumbing and drain services to completely change the look and feel of your property!

Residential Repiping Services

Many homeowners are unaware of the condition of their pipes, but that’s where our residential repiping services come into play. We provide a whole house repipe, making it easier for your toilets to flush, kitchen sinks to drain, and bathtubs to process water. You will no longer stress wondering why your new shower faucet isn’t producing water as you expect. Turn to our expert plumbing repiping pros — led by founders Anthony Estrella and Corey Moline — and take your current piping to a whole new level!

Commercial Repiping Services

Repiping services aren’t exclusive to homeowners. Our commercial repiping services provide quality pipes to Seattle area businesses in need. Businesses are particularly at risk for piping issues, especially facilities built years ago. Our repiping pros can keep your building safe and employees happy with clean, lead-free, and free-flowing water, helping to keep productivity up and keep your business growing. Service your building with our repiping services in and around Kent, WA, today!

What Is a Whole Home Repiping?

You might be wondering to yourself, what exactly is a whole house repiping? Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of what a repipe is, why it’s essential, and what repipe specialists actually do when diving deep into your home. At Pike Plumbing, we pride ourselves on transparency, and it’s why we believe you should be keenly aware of what to expect when getting repiping services in Kent, WA, and around Puget Sound.

Whole home repiping involves replacing the old plumbing systems in your home with a new one. Removing and replacing hot and cold water pipes helps to ensure the safe passage of water and waste going to and from your home. Most homeowners need piping services to remove old lead or galvanized piping. This is typically common for homes built over 100 years ago. Repiping projects are serious jobs; the last thing you want to do is trust any random contractor. So get your repiping services in Kent, WA, and the surrounding areas completed by one of our plumbing repiping specialists to ensure the safest job possible.

Why Repiping Is So Important

Repiping is a crucial aspect of maintaining a properly functioning plumbing system. Over time, pipes can corrode, leak, or even burst, causing significant structural damage to your home and ruining many of your belongings. Replacing old or damaged pipes improves water flow and quality, increases the overall value of your property, and gives you peace of mind in your home. Don’t underestimate the importance of improved health, fewer water temperature changes, and way less stress!

It’s critical to be aware of the signs of damaged piping. Most pipes are deep within your property, but you don’t have to dig through walls to see if there’s an issue. Pay close attention to some of these signs it might be time for new pipes:

  • Low water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • Foul odors
  • A sudden increase in your water bill


Starting to notice any of these symptoms in your home? It might be time to call on a repiping specialist! Trusting a professional plumbing service with the task of repiping can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run and ensure that your plumbing system remains reliable and efficient for years to come. So reach out to the team at Pike Plumbing today and ask about our repiping services for Kent, WA, and surrounding area residents!

Remove Your Old Pipes With Our Plumbing Repiping Services!

Old waste and water pipes can make a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of your plumbing system — and not in the way you want. So what can you do? Try relying on Pike Plumbing, a team of waste and water repiping specialists for Puget Sound residents designed to prevent burst pipes and keep your property safe for years to come. With our help, typical problems like leaks, pipe corrosion, and other troubles are easily remedied, and we’ll ensure long-lasting piping for years to come.

Are you dealing with poor water pressure? Worried a burst pipe might be in the way of efficient sewage and waste distribution from your home? Call on a Pike Plumbing specialist! We treat your water and waste pipes like our own, delivering a quality house repipe that prevents water damage and long-term headache. For more information, contact us and ask about our repiping services in Kent, WA, and for surrounding area residents today!

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