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Plumbing issues can be a major headache. From clogged drains to leaky faucets, plumbing problems can be a nuisance and make it difficult to enjoy the comforts of your home or business. However, a reliable Everett plumber can assist you in tackling a wide range of issues. From installing new water lines and replacing old fixtures to repairing existing pipes and unclogging drains, we have the tools and expertise to handle any job.

Whether it’s a small task like fixing a leaky faucet or something more complicated like replacing an entire septic system, Pike Plumbing & Sewer is the right contractor for the job. We have years of experience and know-how to get the job done right. Our team is up-to-date on the latest plumbing technology, which helps us work quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today at (206) 759-7295 for a free quote and estimate for professional plumbing in Everett, WA.

Anthony Estrella

Founder Plumber

Corey Moline

Founder Plumber

Struggling through various plumbing and sewer problems in and around Everett, Wa?

Pike Plumbing & Sewer is here to turn your worries into effective solutions!

No more sleep-deprived nights due to incessantly dripping faucets or clogged drainages. Get rid of those cold showers resulting from unreliable water heaters. Our competent team, coupled with our commitment to excellence, delivers a constant water supply, stable heat, and the uninterrupted functioning of your residential and commercial appliances.

Pike Plumbing & Sewer provides more than just a service. We promise to deliver dependability and exceptional quality in every task we take on. Get first-rate, smooth plumbing services today when you connect with us for any of the following services:

  • Drain Services
  • Kitchen and Bath Plumbing
  • Sewer Services
  • Gas Line Repair and Installations
  • Piping and Re-piping
  • Water Leak Repair
  • And More!

Fantastic Water Heater Solutions in and Around Everett, WA

Relish the luxury of endless hot water with Pike Plumbing & Sewer’s superior water heater services! A defective water heater can interrupt your daily life, which is why our water heater repair services operate round the clock to restore heat to your home quickly and efficiently. We believe prevention is better than cure, which is the foundation of our maintenance services, aiming to avert issues before they happen. And when it’s time for a new installation, our experienced professionals will guide you through a seamless and effortless transition. Bid farewell to icy showers and embrace reliable, efficient water heating solutions in and around Everett, WA!

Expert Sewer Services in and Around Everett, WA

Put sewer problems in the past with Pike Plumbing & Sewer’s expert sewer services! Our specialists are equipped to tackle everything from minor blockages to major system collapses. If repairs fall short of resolving your issues, our sewer replacement services are ready to help. We ensure smooth replacements with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Furthermore, we offer trenchless sewer repair and replacement, a modern method that eliminates the need for extensive excavation. This maintains your landscape while effectively replacing your sewer line. Get the hassle-free sewer services in and around Everett, WA, that you deserve!

Piping and Repiping Services in and Around Everett, WA

Whether you’re erecting a new house or renovating an older one, our expert technicians are prepared to install high-grade pipes that ensure effective water circulation and lasting durability. Grappling with pipes that just don’t measure up? Our exhaustive pipe replacement services are your solution. We’ll swap aged, deteriorated pipes with new ones, improving your system’s efficiency, decreasing leakage, and bettering your water quality. Contact us today to find out more!

Commercial Plumbing and Sewer Services for Businesses in and Around Everett, WA

Enhance your business’s performance with Pike Plumbing & Sewer’s premium commercial plumbing and sewer solutions! Our trustworthy pipe repair and replacement services guarantee your business activities continue smoothly. Whether it’s a leaking faucet or a defective toilet, our competent technicians can swiftly mend or replace any plumbing fixture, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Our sewer and drain cleaning offerings keep your system functioning flawlessly, warding off pricey blockages and maintaining a sanitary environment. And, of course, we recognize the importance of hot water — crucial for many businesses. Our water heater services ensure a constant supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Enjoy Hose Bib Winterization, Emergency Help, Maintenance Schedules, and More!

We render a wide variety of services to our valued clients in and around Everett, WA! Our offerings span from hose bib winterization and maintenance schedules to emergency help, catering to the diverse requirements of both residential and commercial property owners. 

Services like hose bib winterization fortify your outdoor spigots by offering adequate insulation and averting pipe bursts and expensive repairs. Should an unexpected problem arise, our 24/7 emergency plumbing and sewer services are always on standby to resolve it promptly and effectively. Regardless of the hour or the nature of the issue, we’ll be there to sort it out. To ensure your plumbing and sewer systems work smoothly throughout the year, we provide tailor-made maintenance schedules. These schedules avert issues and extend your plumbing system’s lifespan, leading to long-term savings. Learn more about our versatile services today!

Experience Premium Plumbing and Sewer Services in and Around Everett, WA

Don’t let plumbing and sewer problems put your life on hold! Embark on the path towards a hassle-free residential or commercial property with Pike Plumbing & Sewer. We’re prepared to handle any plumbing or sewer job in and around Everett, WA. From minor adjustments and more serious installations to an urgent emergency need, we’re here for you. Experience the serenity that comes with a trustworthy, professional service by arranging an appointment with our team to assess your property needs!

Pike Plumbing & Sewer

Services We Offer

Quality plumbing goes beyond fixing a leaky pipe or clogged drain. We help with plumbing repairs, installation, inspection, and maintenance. 

Plumber fixing a sink at home in the state of Washington
Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

A leaky faucet or a clogged drain can be incredibly inconvenient. That's why you need a reliable plumbing service to handle home repairs and maintenance quickly and efficiently. Our experienced plumbers have the expertise, tools, and equipment to ensure all installation and repairs are completed correctly.

Professional plumber installing plumbing manifolds
Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial projects require a different set of skills and knowledge. Our commercial plumbing services are tailored to meet the needs of any business or commercial property. We provide professional solutions for all commercial plumbing issues that you may currently have, or that may arise.

Water Heater Services

Water Heater Services

Pike Plumbing & Sewer is home to the top water heater plumbers the Seattle area has to offer. We have extensive expertise installing and maintaining all types of water heaters. These include gas, electric, and tankless. We understand the complexities that come with different water heaters and can help you choose the best one.

Image of Drain
Drain Services

Drain Services

Drain clogs are bound to happen at some point. You will want to have a reliable plumbing service on-call. We provide professional drain cleaning services for homes and businesses. We can handle any job, from slowing to major blockages. We use the latest equipment and techniques to identify the problem and get your drains flowing again.

image of backflow repair by Pike Plumbing & Sewer
Sewer Services

Sewer Services

When it comes to sewer lines, you can’t afford to wait. A broken or damaged sewer line can cause a multitude of serious damages to your property and the environment.

Pike has the plumbers Kent, Washington residents can rely on. We are trained in the latest techniques and use advanced equipment for sewer line repair and replacement.

Male plumber repair sink pipe in kitchen
Kitchen & Bath Plumbing

Kitchen & Bath Plumbing

Plumbing fixtures are an integral part of your home and commercial space. It’s important to make sure that they are properly installed.

Pike Plumbing & Sewer is the leading provider for toilet, shower, and faucet installation in the Seattle area. We offer quality and reliable plumbing services.

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“Your pipes are our business. Pike is professional, affordable and we always leave the seat down”

-Pike Plumbing & Sewer

Expert Plumbers - PiKE Plumbing & Sewer

Quality Plumbing Services

Whether installing new pipes or replacing old fixtures, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We are a full-service plumbing company and can help you with anything from clogged drains to leaky toilets. We can diagnose the problem quickly and get your home or business back up and running in no time. Our services are comprehensive, and we cover the following areas:


For all your plumbing services, look no further than Pike Plumbing & Sewer. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors for plumbing Auburn, WA. Give us a call today at (206) 586-3555 for a free quote.

Prompt Response

We know how important it is to fix your plumbing issue quickly and efficiently. That’s why we ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. We are efficient and prompt in response times.

Customer Service

We understand how stressful a plumbing issue is, both financially and emotionally. That’s why we strive to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process, from initial consult to complete.